HfG Ulm – a creative view of the renovation
HfG Ulm – a creative view of the renovation
photo: Dr Ralph Fischer

Living history

Since the renovation work and new use as the »Zentrum für Gestaltung HfG Ulm« was completed in 2011, you can experience the former HfG Ulm university building in a variety of ways.

The most impressive exhibit is probably the building complex, which adapts to the topography of Ulm's Hochstrasse on four levels - the strict grid that can be seen on and throughout the building, which allows individual adaptation to user needs, the reduction of colours and materials, the large window fronts set flush into the façade, which create an almost seamless transition between inside and outside and provide the rooms with generous amounts of daylight, the wide corridors and unusual room layouts can all be experienced on a first tour of the building. For a better understanding, we recommend a guided tour of the building, ideally in combination with a visit to the permanent exhibition in the HfG archive. Details on booking can be found here.

And celebrate with us! You can enjoy the HfG Ulm in a very special way at public cultural events or a vernissage of the HfG Archive. Please contact us if you would like to be informed about these activities via our mailing list.

Experience the HfG Ulm
Summer Concert HfG 2018
© Stiftung HfG Ulm / photo: Julia Hanisch
Experience the HfG Ulm
Baptism in the designer monastery, 25 October 1963
Photographer: Michael Penck, © HfG Archive / Museum Ulm, inventory number: HfG-Archiv Dp 069.45-3
Lessons with Hermann von Baravalle, 1957
© HfG Archive / Museum Ulm, inventory number: HfG-Archiv 57/0170
Experience the HfG Ulm
Ceremonial opening of the HfG Archive Ulm
photo: die lichtfänger