HfG exhibition in the mensa, June 1958: documentation of methods and work results
HfG exhibition in the mensa, June 1958: documentation of methods and work results
Photographer: Wolfgang Siol, © HfG Archive / Museum Ulm, inventory number: HfG-Archiv 58/0185

HfG Summer Concert – KOOB

July 26, 2024

Poster concert KOOB
Graphic: Kunstwerk e.V.
7.30 pm, terrace of the HfG Ulm (inside in case of bad weather)
Celebrated as the "Soul Princess" in her home country Belarus, KOOB moved to Berlin in the year of the pandemic. Two and a half years later, she has won prizes at several jazz competitions (Sparda Jazz Award, Jazzfrühling Kempten, Carinthischer Sommer) and is now coming to Ulm, supported by great international musicians from the young Berlin jazz and soul scene.

The band oscillates between jazz, avant-garde and soul, blending these genres into a mix that simultaneously caresses, disturbs and amazes the listener.
KOOB will present their current, critically acclaimed (Jazz Thing, Jazz'n'More) album "That Tree", which was released in June 2023.

KOOB: Vocals (Belarus)
Lenny Rehm: drums (Germany)
Oto Gvardjancic: piano (Germany)
Seth Sjöström: electric bass (Sweden)

Admission: 18 € / reduced 13 € (pupils, students, volunteers, FSJ, each with ID)
Advance booking or box office

Lecture Evening in homage to Tomás Maldonado

April 24, 2024

Jan Sagasser, Designer in Residence 2023/24 im HfG-Archiv Ulm
Jan Sagasser, Designer in Residence 2023/24 im HfG-Archiv Ulm. Foto: Max Braun, © HfG-Archiv Ulm
»Tomás Maldonado: An Argentinian in Ulm«, lecture by Prof. Dr Dagmar Rinker, Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Art and Design
Results of research under the title »Rationality and Revolt: Research on Tomás Maldonado«, Jan Sagasser, Designer in Residence 2023/24 at the HfG Archive

7 pm
»kleiner Hörsaal« HfG Ulm/ 3rd floor
Am Hochstrass 8, 89081 Ulm
Admission free

Link to the online stream: Please register by 24 April at 12 noon by email to vermittlung.museum@ulm.de, the link will be sent to you. 

Tomás Maldonado (1922–2018) taught at the HfG Ulm from 1954 to 1967 and had a decisive influence on the school's programme. The »Designer in Residence« scholarship, awarded for the third time last year by the HfG Archive in collaboration with the HfG Ulm Foundation, was dedicated to Maldonado's work as a design theorist in 2023/24.
In his essay »Environment and Revolt«, published in 1972, Tomás Maldonado describes his understanding of the prevailing problems in environmental planning. Today we are confronted with the effects of the very problems described by Maldonado. The aim of Jan Sagasser's research was therefore to revisit Maldonado's thinking and his approaches in the field of designing the human environment in order to draw conclusions for environmental discourse and design practice from a contemporary perspective. The findings from the research in the HfG Ulm archives and Maldonado's estate kept in Milan expand his arguments.

70 Jahre HfG – Apéro and reading

August 3, 2023

The student Ingela Albers in Walter Peterhans' class, 1953. Works from the class can be seen on the left.
The student Ingela Albers in Walter Peterhans' class, 1953. Works from the class can be seen on the left. Photo: Eva-Maria Koch, HfG Archive
6 to 9 pm: Anniversary celebration
We celebrate together on the terrace with musical accompaniment from
the band Daktylus Jazz Utopia from Leipheim. Drinks will be available at the wave counter, in case of bad weather the celebration will take place in the canteen.

7 pm: Reading in the small lecture theatre/ 3rd floor
In a reading with excerpts from original reports, interviews, letters and press reports, the curators of the HfG archive, Christiane Wachsmann and Dr Martin Mäntele, will give an insight into this period. Martin Mäntele, provide an insight into this time of new beginnings and the emergence of this school, which was to become an icon of industrial design and modernism in the years that followed.
On 3 August 1953, classes began at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in a room at the Ulm Adult Education Centre on Marktplatz; the first lecturer was the photographer and Bauhaus teacher Walter Peterhans. Many buildings in Ulm were still destroyed by the war, daily life was determined by improvisation and living space for the students was hard to find. In any case, most of them knew little about what awaited them: there was to be a new Bauhaus in Ulm, a school for democracy.

HfG Summer Concert - Maloom

July 28, 2023

Poster Maloom HfG Summer Concert 2023
Design: Kunstwerk e.V.
7.30 pm, terrace of the HfG Ulm (inside in case of bad weather)

A voice that touches and moves. "Gotta be happy" is the name of Maloom's new programme, and that IS the programme. Eva Ahoulou tells stories in her natural and charming way, and her band complements them with instrumental stories. The result is an extremely entertaining mix of soul, jazz and modern gospel. Music that makes you happy: "Gotta be happy!"

Eva Ahoulou, vocals
Stephan Weiser, piano, keyboards
Michael Vochezer, guitar
Harald Scharf, double bass
Johannes Rothmoser, drums
Further information on Maloom

Admission: €18, reduced €15 (pupils, students, volunteers, FSJ, each with ID) / up to 16 years free admission

Advance booking €16, reduced €13 via VisitorApp (plus booking fee)

In cooperation with vh ulm and KunstWerk e.V.

HfG Summer Concert – deep'n'high

July 22, 2022

Gestaltung: Stiftung HfG Ulm / Bild: deep'n'high
7.30 pm, terrace of the HfG Ulm (inside in case of bad weather)

In the meantime, bass and vocals are no longer a rarity. Many a singer has discovered how tingling pure bass accompaniment can be, which is why the line-up of the Neu-Ulm band deep'n'high is no longer a rarity, but still exudes exotic flair. Claudia Kocian and Thomas Dirr are made for each other. He shines as a brilliant accompanist and soloist; she floats elegantly over his virtuoso carpet of sound with her goosebump voice: it could hardly be more rounded (and synergetic). Whether it's soul, blues, jazz or rock is of little interest, what counts is the sound, and the two of them live for it and put their own personal stamp on it.

Admission: €18/ reduced €15/ pupils and students with ID €10/ free admission up to 16 years

Advance booking via ulmtickets (plus VVK fee)

In cooperation with vh ulm and KunstWerk e.V.

otl aicher 100
»of course a car is also a sign« / Otl Aicher's criticism of the car

June 25, 2022

Image: Cover "kritik am auto, otl aicher/ 1984"

7 pm, Mensa/ 1st floor
Admission free, please register at this link
A retrospective of Aicher's exhibition and book "kritik am auto - schwierige verteidigung des autos gegen seine anbeter"

Welcome by Dr. Martin Mäntele, Director of the HfG Archive, Ulm
Florian Aicher begins by reporting on his collaboration on the exhibition and the book "kritik am auto". At the same time, he attempts to relate criticism, as formulated by Otl Aicher in 1984, to the current scene.

Followed by
a panel discussion:
Under changed conditions, what Otl Aicher formulated back in 1984 applies today: "the concept alone is obviously not enough to create a good car." Today, we are concerned with the question of how the car must be designed in order to be less dominant in interaction with other means of transport and also to appear more compatible with the city. But also how pointless traffic can be avoided and desirable mobility made possible. Questions that the panel will address.

Participants in the discussion:
Peter Wouda heads the Volkswagen Group Future Centre Europe in Potsdam and, together with his team, designs visionary studies for the VW Group. He tries to find answers to the challenges of the future from an industry perspective.

Prof. Lutz Fügener is Head of the Design and Mobility programme at the Department of Engineering at Hof University of Applied Sciences in Selb. For many years, he has been one of the best-known lecturers in Germany who train automotive designers. At the same time, he has repeatedly made public appearances with critical positions on the development of the car and the focus of the industry.

Prof. Dr Gebhard Wulfhorst, holder of the Chair of Settlement Structure and Transport Planning at the Technical University of Munich, criticises undesirable developments in mobility at the level of urban and transport planning. Traffic that is not generated in the first place by cleverly planned cities and regions does not cause any undesirable aspects.

Florian Aicher and the Hamburg journalist and critic Thomas Edelmann will jointly moderate the event.

On this evening, visitors can gain impressions of the architecture of the HfG and study some of the exhibition panels from 1984, which the HfG Archive Ulm, host of the event, will set up especially for the occasion. In addition, "delta 1", the prototype of a sports car from 1967, can be seen in its original form. Created as a "study object for lightweight construction principles" by Henner Werner, Michael Conrad and Detlef Unger, graduates of the HfG Ulm, the car was presented in Aicher's book.

A cooperative event organised by the IDZ Berlin and the HfG Archive/ Museum Ulm.

Workshop »New European Bauhaus on the Danube«, 11.30 hs / Livestream

May 9, 2022

Image: Google Satelite
An event as part of the 9th International Danube Culture Conference, 8 to 10 May 2022 in Ulm

Workshop "New European Bauhaus on the Danube"
Alexander Wetzig, Ulm
Chairman of the Foundation Council HfG Ulm

Peter Langer, Ulm
European Danube Academy, Head of International Cooperation

Ruth Reichstein, Brussels
European Commission – I.D.E.A. Advisory Board to the President

Ute Meyer, Stuttgart/Biberach
Architect and urbanist, urbanes.land research initiative, Biberach University of Applied Sciences

Bálint Bachmann, Budapest
Architect, Rector of Metropolitan University Budapest

Ivan Kucina, Belgrade / Dessau / Rome
Architect and activist, Faculty of Architecture Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, Dessau

Ilinca Constantinescu, Bucharest
Architect and urbanist, IDEILAGRAM Bucharest

Mateja Softić, Ljubljana
co-founder ISKRIVA institute for development of local potentials Ljubljana

Dana Hoffmann, Ulm

Link to the livestream

For more information on the Danube Culture Conference and the current programme, please visit the project website

Film screening of »Piazzolla: Los años del tiburón«

March 11, 2020

Poster Piazzolla: Los años del tiburón
Image: Donautango
7 pm, large lecture theatre/ 1st floor
Admission 5 EUR

For the first time ever, the archive of the legendary bandoneon player Astor Piazzolla was opened by his son. The result is a cinematic experience, a portrait of the world-famous composer who revolutionised the tango. A film about art, family and the secrets of creation. Piazzolla is an international icon - his name stands for tango, rebellion and controversy; for darkness and light. "Piazzolla: Los años del tiburón" shows previously unpublished film footage and images from the Piazzolla family archive.

Piazzolla is the creator of a musical alphabet. This is perhaps what makes him so popular and this unique aspect must be conveyed in the film. But where does this music come from? One does not know where the secret origin of Piazzolla's power and musical melancholy may lie. But there is an invisible thread that appears in all his anecdotes, little significant coincidences. Piazzolla always refers to them as fate.

His music would not be what it is if Piazzolla had not fought in Jack La Motta's gang during his childhood in New York in 1927, or if he had not been attacked as a composer by the tango purists in 1942, or if his teacher Nadia Boulanger had not led him to his new tango. In his memoirs, he repeatedly mentions the fate in each of these stories. It is as if the call of his music was a song to call the sirens and not the other way round. Piazzolla defined it perfectly: "I am not the one who sits and waits for chance."

A cooperation event by Donautango e.V. and the HfG Ulm Foundation.

Poster DVD presentation »The Ulm School of Design: Design for Millions.«

February 13, 2020

Poster DVD presentation »The Ulm School of Design: Design for Millions.«

Image: Frank Barth
7 pm, large lecture room / 1st floor
Admission free

»The Ulm School of Design: Design for Millions.«
A film by Günther Hörmann and Martin Krampen

Organiser: HfG Archive Ulm

Book presentation »Walter Gropius: Architect of Modernism«

January 23, 2020

Image Cover Nerdinger
Picture: Verlag C.H. Beck
7 pm, large lecture room/ 1st floor

Walter Gropius is the subject of a comprehensive and thoroughly researched biography written by the renowned architectural historian and long-standing director of the Architecture Museum at the Technical University of Munich, Prof. Dr Winfried Nerdinger, who will be presenting it in person in Ulm.

Admission is free

HfG Talks – Design in dialogue / Design culture in the industry

October 17, 2019

HfG talk - WMF-Diener
Design: Stiftung HfG Ulm
7 pm, large lecture room/ 1st floor

The former HfG Ulm is regarded as a pioneering design school of the modern era. New, contemporary tasks gained strategic importance in many areas. A holistic design presence of companies and service providers became an important aspect of the value chain and plays an important role as part of the corporate culture.

Lecture by Achim Bölstler / Vice President Research | Design | Brand Committee Lead l WMF Group GmbH

Discussion with Prof. Horst Diener / dipl.-des. hfg, designpraxis diener

Moderated by Dr Stefanie Dathe, Director Museum Ulm

Architecture Club of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects »Building the future – 100 years of Bauhaus«

October 7, 2019

Invitation Architekturclub Bayerische Architektenkammer
Design: HERR LOTZ Designbüro, München
19.00, large lecture theatre/ 1st floor

The great project of modernity was freedom. The freedom of ideas, the freedom of systems, the freedom of the individual. The world-famous Bauhaus art school succeeded in proclaiming this nimbus of progress, radicalism, the new, ideals and freedom for itself. The Bauhaus was founded in Weimar in 1919 under the direction of Walter Gropius as the nucleus of classical modernism in all areas of fine and applied arts and architecture. In 2019, Germany is celebrating 100 years of Bauhaus.

How did this myth come about? How did the avant-garde ideals develop? What traces and imprints did the Bauhaus leave behind? Niels Bolbrinker, director and cameraman of the film "Building the Future - 100 Years of Bauhaus", and Prof Donatella Fioretti, architect who reinterpreted two destroyed master houses in Dessau with an "architecture of blurriness", will address these and other questions. The evening will be moderated by the author, journalist and curator of the exhibition "Linksbündig bis zum Schluss", Christiane Wachsmann from the HfG Archive Ulm

The film »Vom Bauen der Zukunft – 100 Jahre Bauhau« will be shown afterwards.  Admission free
Organised by the Bavarian Chamber of Architects

Flyer BYAK discussion and film_7.10.2019 pdf

HfG Ulm Filmbar – Culture Night Ulm/ Neu-Ulm

September 21, 2019

Photo Wellentresen
© Stiftung Hochschule für Gestaltung HfG Ulm / Photo: Martin Rudau
Bar service at Bill's »Wellentresen« (wave bar) and film screening

As part of the Kulturnacht Ulm/ Neu-Ulm, ARTE will be showing the second part of the film »Bauhaus Spirit« at the »HfG Ulm Filmbar«. The documentary traces the topicality and impact of the Bauhaus ideas, which were continued by Bauhaus student Max Bill at the HfG Ulm from 1953. The screenings of the film and other short films about HfG Ulm will begin on the hour between 6 and 11 pm and will be shown in the large lecture theatre.

The HfG Archive Ulm offers guided tours of the special exhibition for the Bauhaus 100 anniversary »Bauhaus Ulm: From Peterhans to Maldonado«. Start at 5pm/18pm/19pm/20pm/21pm, duration 30 minutes each.

Admission to all events of the Ulm/ Neu-Ulm Culture Night: one-off €10/ €8

Description ARTE-Flyer Culture Night – 100 years bauhaus pdf

Open Monument Day

September 8, 2019

Official poster of the Open Monument Day 2019
Guided tour of the building at
15.00 hrs
16.00 hrs
17.00 hrs
Meeting point in front of the canteen/ 1st floor

Participation is only possible after prior registration by email, the maximum group size per tour is 15 people. The tour is not barrier-free.

HfG Summer Concert – Liffey Looms & Philip Bölter

July 28, 2019

Poster HfG-summer-concert Liffey Looms and Philip Bölter
Design: Stiftung HfG Ulm / Photo: Diana Mühlberger
7.30 pm, terrace of the HfG Ulm (inside in case of bad weather)

Philip Bölter is a guest of the Ulm band Liffey Looms. Bölter is regarded as one of the most original guitarists of his time; he has presented himself to an audience of millions on radio and TV and received the Robert Johnson Guitar Award. Never predictable, almost percussive, he strums the strings of his guitar and develops an incredible dynamic. With imaginative variations, he charmingly undermines all expectations in his playing and constantly reinvents himself in his interpretations. Each of his concerts is unique.

Liffey Looms plays powerful yet sensitive guitar and bass harmonies, which form the framework for the characteristic two-part vocals of the air-folk duo. The gentle voice of bassist Eena May contrasts with the vocals of Ulm musician Léon Rudolf. It is the contradictions that carry the singer-songwriter duo forward: anything but superficial, they are highly sensitive despite their marginal folk line-up.

Advance booking via ulmtickets

In cooperation with vh ulm and KunstWerk e.V.

Baukultur workshop »Democracy and process culture for public spaces«

July 4 – 5, 2019

Baukultur 2019
BU: © Bundesstiftung Baukultur, Design: Heimann + Schwantes
4 July 2019: Kick-off with tours and reception (Stadthaus Ulm)

5 July 2019: Workshop day (HfG Ulm) with keynote speeches on specific projects and open discussions at workshop tables. All interested parties will have the opportunity to participate in the working process.

An event organised by the Federal Foundation of Baukultur

Our cities are becoming cramped. Density creates proximity and competition for space. This increases the importance of public spaces for society, especially in urban centres. The increase in population is naturally accompanied by an increase in traffic and more intensive use of public squares, green spaces and streets. Spaces for the general public are becoming scarcer. At the same time, a series of social upheavals and challenges are emerging, each of which poses its own unique questions for the use and design of public spaces: Demographic change, changes in mobility and the need to adapt to a changing climate all have an impact on public spaces, are negotiated within them and can only be dealt with there. The Baukultur workshop »Democracy and process culture for public spaces« in Ulm explores the question of how processes for the successful planning, operation and maintenance of public spaces can be organised democratically. How can cooperation between the specialist departments involved in the planning of public spaces be successfully organised? What role does a forward-looking municipal land and property policy play in the acquisition and qualification of public spaces? How can civil society involvement in the design and maintenance of public spaces be activated and social participation facilitated? What role can companies play in the qualification of public spaces?

The results of the Baukultur workshops will be incorporated into the next Baukultur Report 2020/21 »Public Spaces«.

Bauhaus Spirit:
Building the future

April 14, 2019

Bauhaus Spirit: Building the future
Photo: Stiftung HfG Ulm/ ARTE
Bauhaus Spirit: Building the Future
Sunday, 14 April 2019, 11 am, large lecture room (1st floor)

Documentary film by Niels Bolbrinker and Thomas Tielsch (ARTE/ZDF 2019, 52 min.)

ARTE film premiere in cooperation with the HfG Ulm Foundation

Followed by a discussion with Niels Bolbrinker (film author) and Dr. Martin Mäntele (HfG Archive Ulm)

Moderation: Katharina Strehl (ARTE)

Free admission / Due to limited places, there will be no entry. Martin Mäntele (HfG Archive Ulm)
Moderation: Katharina Strehl (ARTE)

Free admission / Due to limited places, participation is only possible after registration by email to info@hfg-ulm.de.

Long Tango Night

January 26, 2019

Long Tango Night
Concert with Cuarteto Rotterdam and Frida Lippman
Milonga with DJane Friederike Collin and tango taster course with Benedicta Walser

Taster dance course: 18.30 pm, free of charge
Concert: 8 pm, €17 / €15
Milonga: 10 pm, €10 / €8
Concert and milonga: €25 / €22

The Cuarteto Rotterdam is rightly regarded as one of the best European tango ensembles. Their concert activities have already taken the band from Paris, Istanbul, Zurich and Amsterdam to Buenos Aires to perform their music in concert halls, at tango balls and international music and tango festivals. With a classical line-up, the four young musicians conjure up a tango world for all kinds of emotions on stage with experience, creativity and imagination. And they bring a guest with them: Singer Frida Lippmann performs regularly with musicians from Argentina and now once again with the Cuarteto Rotterdam in Ulm. With her unmistakable voice, she tells of the stories and feelings that once gave rise to the tango on the banks of the Rio de la Plata.

Frida Lippmann, vocals
Michael Dolak, bandoneon
Cordula Welsch, violone
Judy Ruks, piano
Anna-Maria Huhn, double bass

DJane Friederike Collin is looking forward to playing beautiful traditional tangos in tandas and cortinas for you after the concert.

Experienced tango dancer Benedicta Walser will get everyone in the mood for the evening with an introduction to the basic steps of tango dancing. No previous knowledge required and free of charge.

VVK concert at www.ulmtickets.de
or pre-order tickets by email to pflueger@vh-ulm.de

An event organised by vh ulm in cooperation with the HfG Ulm Foundation, Donautango e.V. and KunstWerk e.V.

Panel discussion. HfG Ulm – 50 years later.

October 28, 2018

Sunday, 28 October, 11.00 am
Mensa of the Hochschule für Gestaltung HfG Ulm, Am Hochsträß 8, 89081 Ulm

At the end of the current exhibition "wir demonstrieren! linksbündig bis zum schluss. hochschule für gestaltung ulm 1968" of the HfG Archive, the Ulm School of Design Foundation, in cooperation with the HfG Archive / Museum Ulm, is organising a panel discussion on the question of what remains of the HfG 50 years after its closure: under the moderation of Dr. Stefanie Dathe (Museum Ulm), Prof. Ralf Dringenberg, Rector of the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, Prof. Christiane Riedel, Managing Director of the HfG Ulm, and Prof. Dr. Stefanie Dathe (Museum Ulm) will discuss the history of the HfG Ulm. Christiane Riedel, Managing Director of the ZKM Karlsruhe and Prof. Dr René Spitz, design historian and expert on the HfG (RFH Cologne) will discuss the role and significance of the Ulm University of Applied Sciences for design education today.

Are there any links between the two Baden-Württemberg design universities and Ulm beyond the abbreviation "HfG" in their respective university names - do they see themselves in the tradition of Ulm and Ulm-based topics in terms of content and method and didactics? Are the guidelines of Ulm teaching still relevant today in the practice of design and education, and if so, what would they be? Or is the legendary reputation of the HfG Ulm based above all on its short and intense life, which lives on more as a myth than as a role model or "blueprint" under completely changed social and economic conditions?

The panel discussion is thus also intended to fundamentally encourage reflection on the theory and practice of design today.

Waiting for Adorno.
A musical history of the HfG Ulm

October 14, 2018

Waiting for Adorno. A musical history of the HfG Ulm
Picture: HfG-Archiv Ulm/ Jochen Speidel
Concert matinee 11 am, Mensa

Scherer-Ensemble in cooperation with the HfG Archive / Museum Ulm

The concert matinee is dedicated to a hitherto largely unknown but highly productive chapter in the history of the HfG.

Important musicians and composers were associated with the HfG Ulm through commissioned compositions, teaching assignments or publications. These include Helmut Lachenmann and Mauricio Kagel, the Russian-Swiss composer Vladimir Vogel and the pianist and musicologist Jürgen Uhde, who worked in Ulm for many years. Even the social philosopher, music theorist and composer Theodor W. Adorno showed an interest in music at the HfG. Lecturers and students in Ulm designed musical instruments or electrical playback devices as well as graphics on the subject of music, for example concert posters or LP covers. Music was also played extensively at the HfG itself, as impressively documented by photographs and films. The discussion concert illuminates key facets of HfG music history and places compositions, texts and objects in relation to each other.

The Scherer Ensemble, which specialises in projects on regional music history, will perform for this project with 8 vocalists, 7 wind players and a pianist. It will perform works by Vogel, Rövenstrunck, Uhde, Lachenmann, Kagel, Mancini and Adorno, some of which will be premiered or even premiered in Ulm. Sylvia Kühn-Padrós plays piano works, Christian Keller takes on the wind orchestration. Thomas Müller, who has tracked down the topic and systematically analysed it for the first time from archives and contemporary witness reports, will explain the works and composers in their references to the HfG and is also the overall musical director.

The project is supported by the City of Ulm/ Cultural Department, the HfG Ulm Foundation, the Friends of the Ulm Museum Association, the Ulm Museum Society and the Piano Blomeier company, Langenau.

Admission €15 / €10

HfG Summer Concert -
Patrick Wieland's guest list with Brandy Butler

July 27, 2018

HfG Summer Concert - Patrick Wieland's guest list with Brandy Butler
PIcture: lahaye tiedemann gestalten, Ulm
Patrick Wieland & Brandy Butler
7.30 pm, HfG Ulm terrace (indoors in case of bad weather)

The guitarist and songwriter Patrick Wieland has already played with artists such as Max Herre, Die Fantastischen Vier and Cro. This year, Brandy Butler will be his guest on the HfG terrace.

It is impossible to categorise Brandy Butler. The jazz musician, who trained on the flute in Philadelphia, is versatile and always seems to feel at home in any role: Whether as a storyteller, soul singer, multi-instrumentalist, actress - Brandy Butler knows no bounds in her search for the core of her creativity.

The new album "The Inventory of Goodbye" is carried by Brandy Butler's exemplary and changeable voice, which reminds us alternately of Nina Simone, Etta James or Courtney Barnett.

Host Patrick Wieland invites the singer to present her new work in an intimate, acoustic setting. www.brandybutlermusic.com

In collaboration with vh ulm and KunstWerk e.V.

Long Tango Night

January 27, 2018

Long Tango Night
Concert with Tango Transit
Milonga with DJing and tango taster course with Benedicta Walser

18.30 - Taster dance course free of charge
20.00 - Concert, EUR 15.00/13.00
22.00 - Milonga, DJing EUR 10,00/8,00
Concert + Milonga, EUR 23,00/20,00

The heart of Tango Transit beats for Tango Nuevo, yet jazz and occasionally even pop play a role for the three musicians. The way in which the energy and expressiveness of classical tango merges with modern sound is unrivalled in this country.
Martin Wagner (accordion), Hanns Höhn (double bass) and Andreas Neubauer (drums).

Klaus Spiegel, alias DJing, is a passionate tango DJ. He says: "As each orchestra has its own individual style, I make sure the tandas are well structured, changing from tanda to tanda in terms of energy and complexity, rhythm and melody. All with the aim of creating a harmonious flow for social dancers."

Experienced tango dancer Benedicta Walser will give an introduction to the basic steps of tango dancing to get everyone in the mood for the evening. No previous knowledge required and free of charge.

Pre-order tickets by email at pflueger@vh-ulm.de

An event organised by vh ulm in collaboration with the HfG Ulm Foundation, Donautango e.V.